The Divine Feminine

As I stood in the darkened soil I had thought was my protection, I suddenly realized that warmth, that ember burning coal, was in fact starting to burn. I had stayed for as long as I needed, yet just a little too long. For when you are in the depths, the Underworld, the other realm, time stands still. It goes on forever yet never moves a minute hand.

But I will always remember it's lessons. It's darkness, it's longing. The slow and faint beating coming not just from me, but from many others past and present.

It was time to leave.
It was time to retrace my steps.

As above / so below.


Model / Makeup  U N I V E R S E O F Á L I
Photography  Stephanie Pehar Photography
Assistant  L.A. WEST 
Hair Colour  Sylvie Prud’homme