The Divine Feminine

It was the first time, in a long time, that I felt warmth. Not the kind that I had become accustomed to. That kind would sting, 
In fact I became fearful of the Sun itself. So used to the damp darkness that outside of that realm was almost too much to bear. It made my skin hurt, my eyes had to look away.

It wasn't until I chose to walk even further into the darkness.  
Yes, I chose to do this.
I knew I had been in the Underworld too long and the only way out was to journey further in. This vantablack of depths.

After that final battle for my life, my Spirit; I had to start again. I had to begin my journey into the Light, and relearn what warmth should really feel like. As I lay in the sun and felt it warm my skin I felt different. My cheeks rose and tears fell and I felt like I could have lay there forever. I thought I should pull away but my body said "stay"; an intuition I was not used to.

Each day I practise the Light.


Model / Makeup  U N I V E R S E O F Á L I
Photography  Stephanie Pehar
Assistant  L.A. West
Hair Colour Sylvie Prud’homme