The Divine Feminine

So I stood there.
I stood there, with my arms wide open and my skin bare to the wind, and let my feelings roll out. Like a thunder,
Pouring rain,

And I felt the Sun. 
My eye lids were closed but all I could see was warmth.
All for me.

Surrendering to the light that was always there, waiting and ready to cover my body. The sun taking my scars and setting them ablaze with the fire that takes present to future; the new warmth becoming the energetic foundation for which each step sets each new stone to form the bridge of darkness to the pathway of light;
my light.

Ra had been waiting, 
sending his energetic rays constant, for one half of each cycle, in the hopes that I would take his outstretched hands into my moon fingertips; embracing his hot heat, now balanced in presence.

Surrendering to my Light, finally.


Model / Makeup U N I V E R S E O F Á L I
Photography Stephanie Pehar
Assistant L.A. WEST
Hair Colour Sylvie Prud’homme