The Divine Feminine

The path to,

And through,

And in the Light is an ever changing and challenging journey.

When you least expect. After so much work has already been done, there it is: on the other side of the door:




Times before this present moment, in the midst of the vantablack, I would have, and did, answer that call.

Because I wasn't good enough.

The bath water filled to the top, my head sunk under, and all that was left was the voice in my head telling me to let go. Soon it would be over; a guarantee that on the other side of the veil it must be better than,

This life.

My life.

But this time, in 24 hours, I was tested. The darkness came to challenge:




Oh, I opened the door. I stood there bare faced, hot tears running down from my swollen eyes to my quivering lips.

I saw its face. And this time, for the first time, what I saw wasn't darkness. What I saw was fragile; the cracks of light that lie in each of us who live in pain. Those who have yet to know that they are made of pure light.

The Darkness always comes to test the Light.


Model / Makeup  U N I V E R S E O F Á L I 
Photography  Stephanie Pehar 
Assistant  L.A. West
Hair Colour Sylvie Prud’homme